Original Datasets Constructed or in Progress

National Labor Relations Board Database: This database consists of all NLRB decisions on unfair labor relations cases from 1993-2007. I code each case outcome for over 3,000 cases, as well as various other legal, political, economic and case-specific variables. In addition, I code each case for the statutory methodologies used by the Board.

National Labor Relations Board Appellate Court Database: In this database, I code all appellate court decisions arising from NLRB decisions, 1994-2014. I code legal, political, economic and case-specific variables for each of the more than 1,300 cases.

Environmental State Supreme Court Database: I coded almost 1,000 environmental law cases heard in the state supreme courts from 1990 through 2015, for various political, legal and case-specific factors.

State Supreme Court Elections Database: For each state supreme court judge from 1990-2015, I coded their political party, their years on the bench, when they faced an election or reappointment as well as when they retired from the bench.

Federal Appeals Court Judges Job Experience Database: As part of my analysis of NLRB cases, I coded each federal appellate court judge’s prior executive and electoral experience from 1993-2014. I also coded the law school for each federal appellate court judge.

Patent Case Database: In this database, using Lexmachina, I code more than 21,000 patent cases heard in the federal courts between September 2011-June 2017. I code for case outcome, procedural posture, and various legal, economic and political factors. I also code various patent-specific information as well as the Federal Circuit’s treatment of each of the cases that are appealed.

District Court Database: As part of a project I am doing on opinion clarity, I coded a random assortment of 740 district court and appellate court cases between 2005-2015 for legal, political, economic and case-specific factors.

State Supreme Court Citations Database: I coded citations patterns of state Supreme Court decisions, noting the states’ supreme court cited as well as how the case was cited.

I plan to make these databases publicly available once the underlying papers are published. If you have interest in using any of these databases, please let me know.